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Graduation - Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction (August 2015 Group)

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Congratulations to our August Diploma of Professional Scuba Instruction students for not just completing their Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction and National Certificate in Medic First Aid Instruction certificates but also for developing into awesome Scuba Instructors. We are all so proud of the way you have conducted yourselves and we wish you the very best in your new careers! 

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Graduate Interview: Annie and Sam

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Where have you been working?

We are currently working at Pro Dive Cairns.

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Career Tips - Ten steps to getting your Dream Dive Job

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1. Write a list of your goals

  • What do you see yourself doing on a day-to-day basis?
  • What dive environment would you most want to work in? Tropical? Wrecks? Ice Diving?
  • What cultures interest you?
  • Are there further dive certification levels you would like to achieve? MSDT? Staff Instructor? 


2. Make a list of any extra qualifications you think you might like to achieve?

  • Boating qualifications?
  • Extra specialty ratings?
  • Nitrox training?
  • Technical or TecRec trainingCommercial training?


3. What equipment will I need?

  • Think about light travel friendly gear if you going overseas.
  • Do you have the right thermal protection?Do you need an underwater Camera?
  • Do you need an underwater Camera?
  • Is your gear setting a good example to your students?
  • Can your equipment be serviced in the locations you want to go to?


4. Get a map and decide where you want to go

  • What accommodation is available in the places you want to go?
  • What is the pay rate in those locations?
  • What types of dive sites and species will you see?
  • Do you need insurance, medicals or any other additional certificates in those countries?
  • What sort of health facilities and safety protocols can you expect (e.g. emergency protocols, New Zealand Embassy presence and decompression chambers)?
  • Do you need Diver Alert Network cover?
  • What is the economy like? Is tourism increasing?
  • When is their peak season and when are operators likely to be looking for new staff?


5. Find dive centres that you want to work for

  • Does the operator have a good reputation?
  • Do they offer the ability to progress your training (e.g. TecRec, PADI 5 STAR Instructor Development Centre or PADI Career Development Centre)
  • Do they offer a good range of courses?
  • How well do they maintain their equipment and do they stock reputable brands?


6. Look of Jobs

  • Check the PADI Pro’s site regularly to see current vacancies
  • Identify what operators are looking for and make a list
  • Check out the Dive Otago Graduate facebook page for Jobs


7. Make a great CV

  • We recommend a skills-focused CV if you don’t already have experience in the dive industry
  • Highlight all of areas you have been taught in. If you have done a career course with us we can provide you with a detailed list of the all of areas you have got credit for.
  • Include skills and experiences from your non-working life to demonstrate your suitability for a role. Any sports, volunteering or other relevant experience can demonstrate skills you have acquired. If you have volunteered here at Dive Otago this shows great initiative and experience with real life customers
  • If graphic design is not your strong point, use a template. There are many free resources online that will lay everything out for you so your CV looks super professional!
  • Include a headshot. In the dive industry you are often applying to businesses that have never meet you. A head shot puts a face to a name and will make you more memorable.


8. Write your covering letter, eMail or video

  • Think outside the square to catch the attention of potential employers
  • Introduce yourself and your personality
  • Make a reference to what you already know about their company (this shows you have done your research)
  • Make a quick video to introduce yourself
  • Videos do a much better job of conveying your personality. When applying for a job overseas this could give you the edge over other candidates
  • Make it short! 30 seconds to 1 min is heaps.
  • Use easy editing software to make the process


9. Deliver in Person, in the post or via email

  • When sending your CV make sure it is targeted to the business you are sending it too.
  • Be sure to mention the business you are apply to in your opening email, covering letter or  video.
  • If you are visiting in person and you are not applying for an advertised position, give them a call first and try to make a time with a manager.


10. Don’t give up!

  • If first you don’t succeed...
  • The dive industry has a high turnover rate so jobs come up regularly
  • If you are searching in a narrow area think about broadening your search
  • If you are looking at an area where there are many dive centres think about buying a plane ticket and trying your luck in person (make sure you know when they are likely to be hiring).
  • Be persistent!

Useful Resources

Careers New Zealand

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Graduation - Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction (August 2014 Group)

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A HUGE Congratulations to our August Diploma of Professional Scuba Instruction students for achieving their qualification at the end of an awesome year here at Dive Otago. A few nights ago we hosted their graduation ceremony where some of their tutors shared with the students’ friends and families a hilarious handful of stories and a few crazy photos all illustrating and highlighting the epic journey these guys (and gal) have had in the last year with us. We are sure that those who choose to head down the Scuba Instruction path are very well prepared to deal with one of the most exciting and fulfilling jobs one could hope for in their lifetime and Dive Otago wishes them the best of luck on their next adventure.

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Milford Trip Report - Diploma Practicum January 2015

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August Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction

One of the highlights of the year for our Diploma in Professional Scuba Diving Instruction students is our off site Practicum which in the last several years has been to Milford Sound. Fiordland boasts some of New Zealand’s most epic scenery above the water and below that same water is a mind blowing variety of spectacular dive spots.

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Graduation Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction 2014 (Feburary Group)

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Last night was the final hoorah for one of our Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction groups. After a full year of dive study, this amazing group that started with us in February has gone from PADI Open Water Diver right though to PADI Specialty Instructor completing over 100 dives in and around Otago. They have gained skills in numerous areas realated to diving, dive education, risk management, marine environment and first aid. They have all worked extremely hard to get to where they are now and all the team wishes them the best success.

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Scott Bade: My decision to become a Dive Instructor at Dive Otago

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went into Dive Otago and signed up, a decision that has lead to one of the best years I have had.

After finishing University and working for a bit I was looking to do something different. On Facebook I came across an ad for the Diploma at Dive Otago. As a kid I always loved the ocean and enjoyed diving whenever the opportunity arose so I looked into it and signed up for an info pack.

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Busy day at Aramoana Mole today

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