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Day #2 - PADI Course Director Training Course Malaysia ByTracey Channon

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So day 2 started off way better than day one.  Everyone at breakfast was chirpy and enthusiastic - nerves all but vanished.  We started off with Suzanne from PADI Bristol Office take us through the Project AWARE IDC Presentation that we can deliver to Instructor Candidates.  Was so informative and interesting - did you know the biggest player in the shark finning industry isn't an Asian country - its Spain!!!  They provide over 25% of the shark fin to the Asian market.  I was shocked.  We talked a lot about the importance of our role as Course Directors in protecting our underwater offices.
The morning carried on with mock Knowledge Development presentations from the PADI staff which we all marked to practice our evaluation techniques.  This was so valuable all the unanswered questions I have had over the years to do with marking candidates have been answered.  I think I learnt a lot but was also nice to know everyone else in the world seemed to have the same questions.  
The afternoon started with how to counsel students in ways to make them feel OK about their progress then it was off to the pool.
The pool didn't start the way you would probably think - it started with absolutely taking over the kids water park and having a individual photo shoot coming down the slide then team photos under the big bucket of water that drops on you - creating a conducive learning environment they called it.
We then went through Rescue Exercise number seven where they demo'd for us techniques and tips for this exercise.  Again really valuable but good to know we are doing everything correctly here.
Lastly we did some mock marking of confined water presentations.  Was great to see how some of the skills are conducted by the best of the best from PADI - I might be in a bit of trouble though - I handed out a Star 1 to the Instructor for breach of standards!  Hope that doesn't come back to bite me - PS he totally deserved it.
Well that's it for today, tomorrow we start marketing and my first presentation! Confined water skill - LPI removal underwater.
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Day 1- PADI Course Directors Course by Tracey Channon

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So day #1 has drawn to a close.  This morning I woke an absolute bundle of nerves.  Walking in to the room I was feeling pretty sick and the first presentation was all about making us feel more relaxed - I just felt worse.  Standing up and introducing myself to the 41 other candidates, 8 PADI Staff, 5 Interpreters and several Borneo Divers staff was absolutely terrifying - I don't remember seeing a single face while I was talking!!!b2ap3_thumbnail_CDTC-Day-1-2-copy.jpg
After Alan went through the schedule though things started to feel a bit better.  I have been assigned to the Green Team.  Our first mission was to rename our team - we became Berjaya Green which is Malay for successful.  Fingers crossed that name helps us over the line.
The afternoon started with marking the exams we did before arriving - tick in that box apparently I know my standards.  Then into the pool for a skill circuit.  Some of you will remember Thomas who came to an IE recently in Dunedin - he was our staff member for this.  We only did 12 of the 24 skills.  
That was it for today - I think they were just easing us into it.  Tomorrow we look at Project AWARE and do some evaluation training in both the classroom and confined water - we get to marker the instructors.  But for now its off to the Night one social on the beach to have a few drinks as the sunsets.
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Ahoy from Sipidan! Tracey's grand adventure.

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As some of you may already know Tracey Channon our resident Master Instructor has this year, been selected to attend a PADI Course Director Course in Kota Kinabalu on the northwest coast of Borneo in Malaysia. This week, prior to her course starting her course, Tracey has taken some time to dive the islands of Mabul, Kapalai and Sipadan.

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