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Maximum Depth: 8-10m
Level:  Intermediate
Type: Boat, Wreck


Brass pipes and fittings, coils of copper wiring, crockery and other objects can still be seen as you move through the sea tulips and waving kelp.


Watch out for sharp objects such as copper wire and broken crockery. Flat seas for days beforehand, or westerly winds are ideal for getting to the dive site.


Sharp edges, also look out for large swells from all but the westerly directions as this can affect the boat trip and visibility on the site.

Sea and Weather Recommendations

Avoid: Large Swells. Ideal: Flat seas for days beforehand.

Check the local conditions


She lies in 7-15m of water at Rerewahine point south of the harbour entrance around Taiaroa Head. See GPS coordinates for accurate entry point.

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The Tyrone was built in 1901 and measured just over 137m long. On the 26th September 1913 the Tyrone left Lyttelton bound for Otago. On the approach to Otago Harbour a dense fog covered both the sea and land. The Taiaroa lighthouse keeper had turned on the fog signal. The Tyrone however was much closer to land than the captain expected due to a error in calculation of the distance from Moeraki to Otago. Just after 4am there was a loud bump when the Tyrone ran aground on an exposed section of the Otago Peninsula. Sharp rocks had torn a 2.5m hole in the hull and rescue attempts failed to free the ship. Some 8 hours after running aground all 68 people aboard abandoned the ship and scrambled up the cliff face with the use of ladders and ropes. Over the next couple of months heavy seas broke the ship up, the remains of which has become a popular dive site.


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