Harington Point


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Harington Point

Maximum Depth: 20m
Level:  Physically Fit and around 20 Dives
Type: Shore, Boat, Drift, Wall


Boat, Intermediate, Drift, Wall, Currents, Vis 1 – 12m. This spectacular drift dive sites are best accessed by boat with an experienced skipper. The dive site is accessible from shore but if you are planning a drift dive, a boat is highly recommended. To access the site from shore, park at the top of the hill where the track goes down to the gun emplacements. It is a 10min walk down to the cargo landing area which is a good spot to enter the water. Particular attention must be paid to boat traffic and tidal currents going in and out of the harbour as the site is directly on the edge of the channel. The site is a great wall dive dropping down to the bottom of the channel, with an average depth of 16m. It is a good idea to stay close to the wall and follow the contours around to stay orientated. Sponges, ascidians, bryozoans, anemones and sea tulips cover the sloping rock wall. Keep an eye out for nurseries of baby crayfish, decorator crabs with sponges and algae planted on their backs, and orange and purple Wellington nudibranchs. Large schools of many varieties of fish are common, and for those with a keen eye look for Greenbone amongst the Bladder Kelp stands.


Only conducting this dive from a Boat is strongly recommended, and an experienced skipper is essential. Possible to dive by shore only with good fitness and a slack tide as you have to walk down a steep hill past the gun emplacements to get to a good entry point off the rocks. North Easterlys and South Westerly winds blow directly up and down the harbour so try to avoid these winds if you desire no surface current.


Boat Traffic & Mid-Tide Currents due to the fact this site is situated on the very edge of the Harbour Shipping Channel. Carry a dive flag to let boats know you are in the area.

Sea and Weather Recommendations

Avoid: North-easterly and south-westerly winds. Diving mid-tide can also prove hazardous as strong current affects this point.

Check the local conditions


Harington Point is situated 30km NE of Dunedin on the road to Taiaroa Heads, just before Pilots Beach. Very Small area for parking up on the bend of the Harington Point hill. A small steep obscured track will lead shore divers down to a suitable entry point past the gun emplacements but it is quite a demanding walk with heavy cylinders and gear.

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