Buying Advice

At Dive Otago we strongly believe that it is best to buy right and buy once. That doesn't nescessaraly mean buying the best every time, but rather buying what is best for you in terms of features and price.

Scuba Diving is a sport that heavily relies on the equipment you use for both safety and enjoyment. A leaking mask or an uncomfortable fin can turn an enjoyable dive into a struggle. When selecting your equipment it is important to consider fit, durability, comfort and ease of use. Our professional team are trained to provide you with the best advice when it comes to meeting your own equipment needs.

As dive equipment is subjected to extremely harsh conditions you can expect it to pick up saltwater, sun, sand, and mud. It will also inevitably come in frequent contact with heavy weights and tanks. You can waste a lot of time and money by buying cheap gear that is made of cheap materials.

At Dive Otago we only sell equipment manufactured by dive brands that we are willing to stand behind. If you choose to buy from us you will not only be receiving the best equipment and advice, but you can also be rest assured that if something fails we are right there to resolve any issues, which will save you a huge amount and time and effort, were something to go wrong with your equipment. 

Exposure Protection

Diving in Dunedin, you’ve probably already figured this out, but the water can get quite chilly down this way. When looking at what you’re going to be wearing in the water, it is important to pick something that will keep you from getting too cold in the winter and summer months, which is also durable and comfortable. Wetsuits may need a Lavacore or Sharkskin layer underneath in colder months


fusion one2


What can I say, you can wear your clothes diving and after the dive they’re dry thats got to make life easier! (a big plus if it’s a bit nippy at the surface)


  • Extremely Durable = cost per dive is actually around the same as a wetsuit.
  • Not tight fitting, which means you’re a lot more flexible.


  • More money up front
  • More maintenance
  • You have to wear more weight


  • Dry Zip (where most of the water usually comes in)
  • Because the water in the suit isn't being 
  • Improved seals around cuffs and neck


  • look for robust stitching
  • 7mm minimum for lower South Island
  • Look for good seals
  • "Fire Skin" in beauchat suits seems to get rave reviews


Buoyancy Control Device


BCD'S are one of the items that really effect your comfort underwater! It is always best to try on a BCD before you buy as they all fit a little differently. Try it on with a tank! With the development of features such as the Wrapture Harness System by Aqualung not all bcd's feel the same. We have a wide variety of BCD'S that can be tiraled in our pool so if you are not sure why not come and try it out.


Jacket Style


    • Most common type of BCD
    • Very comfortable at the surface
    • Bigger pockets


    • Bulkier than rear inflation 
    • Very comfortable at the surface


Rear Inflation



    • More streamlined than jacket style BCDs
    • Holds you in a nice horizontal postion in the water


    • Can feel quite different if you were trained in a jacket
    • Can feel like you are being pushed forwad at the surface (a simple adjustment to your kicking style will remedy this)



The Apollo Kevlar glove is a 3mm glove, great for commercial and recreational divers alike.  The Kevlar fingers and palm provide extra strength and durability.  These gloves have a wrist strap to ensure a good fit and to minimize water transfer. A great glove for cray hunters.



Wristwatch vs Console 

Recently, our experienced instructors here at Dive Otago have enquired about and/or purchased a wristwatch Dive Computer. Why a wristwatch computer you ask? Wristwatch computers are ideal for travelling, easy to use and read, reduce the amount of gear dangling from you , giving you more freedom as a diver, and reduce a diver’s impact on the underwater environment. Also, the staff here believe wristwatch computers are an ideal backup computer - eliminating the likelihood of stopping a dive early due to computer malfunction. Something we all want to prevent from happening while on holiday.

We have a wide range of wristwatch computers for you to choose and some new oceanic product are featured below. The Oceanic OC1 and the GEO 2.0, both feature Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm function, giving you a choice between two ways of calculating your dive data, it’s simply about what is right for you on the day. Both feature Free Dive, Air, Nitrox, Digital watch and Gauge modes.

Another cool feature of these two new models is the auto-update function which enables the user to download and install operational improvements and even new features that become available, keeping it up to date!