Apeks Black Ice

Sales price: $1,249.00

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Apeks Black Ice BCD is a rugged, weight-integrated, rear inflation BCD designed with the advanced diver in mind. With a heavy duty design that doesnt compromise comfort, fit or stability.


  • The "Wrapture Harness system" provides comfort and stability preventing the BCD from riding up when at the surface. It also ensures that the cylinders centre of gravity is lower, transfering the weight off your shoulders and onto your hips  (Watch the Video ▶)
  • The SureLock II weight integrated system  (Watch the Video ▶)
  • Dual channel weight pockets 
  • Non dumpable pockets
  • 4 dump valves with flat vales to ensure effective streamlining
  • Powerline inflator is environmentally sealed with integrated clips to keep the low pressure inflator hose secure
  • A tripple bladder retraction system used to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflations ensuing streamling and reduced drag  (Watch the Video ▶)
  • The air cell is designed to easily transfer air from left to right
  • 5 large angled D-rings