Fusion Bullet Drysuit

Sales price: $2,925.00
Model and Size

Manufacturer: Aqualung

Originally designed for the Special Forces, the Fusion Bullet is engineered for the harshest diving environments.

Super stretch neoprene allows ultimate flexibility and streamlining while strategically placed Gator Tech armour and reinforced seams ensure maximum durability.


  • Bullet seams are mauser taped and 6 thread sewn for maximum stretch and durability.

  • Includes 2 Twin-Zip expandable pockets.

  • Rugged Gator Tech neoprene on the knees, elbows, shoulders and buttocks extends the life of the skin for use in the most extreme dive conditions.

  • Removable 2mm neoprene inserts at the elbows and knees provide cushioning.

  • Super stretch neoprene provides extreme stretch for maximum flexibility.

  • Comes with traveller drawstring bag, inflator hose and zipper wax.


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