Aqua Lung Dimension i3

Sales price: $999.00

Manufacturer: Aqualung

An Aqua Lung first! The Dimension i3 is a back inflation BCD with an integrated i3 inflation / deflation system. Loaded with features, this innovative buoyancy compensator is built with high quality materials keeping both comfort and style in mind.


  • By placing the air cell behind them, the diver is more streamlined
  • The"wrapture harness system" using the shoulder swivel buckles (patented) and a customized back plate, provides comfort and stability while preventing "ride-up" at the surface (Watch the Video ▶)
  • Integrated i3 system for a single touch control of inflation and deflation (Watch the Video ▶)
  • The low profile flat e-valves all open simultaneously when the i3 lever is depressed (Watch the Video ▶)
  • The multiple dump feature means that when you depress the i3 lever, all of the flat e-valves open at once! No more reaching for the wrong valve
  • "SureLock 2" weight integrated pockets provide a simple, single-pull release. Loading is as simple as insert and "click". (Watch the Video ▶)
  • Octopockets to ensure that the alternative air source is stowed away when out of use and available if required. This ensures protection and streamlining
  • Pull down oral inflator is easy to deploy and stow
  • A strong retractor band is used to pull in the sides of the bladder while deflating
  • An adjustable chest strap can be raised and lowered on a rail system
  • HP and MP hose routings through the back keep your entire kit low profile thus minimizing drag


*excludes tanks and weights - read our terms of service when you checkout!




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